Thai FBI & USA immigration department met on bringing “Jet-Set Monk” back to Thailand

English: Logo of Louis Vuitton

English: Logo of Louis Vuitton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matichon, a newspaper in Thailand, reports Thailand’s DSI, known as the Thai FBI, is talking with Berry Hank, Immigration and Customs Enforcement offiecer at the USA Thai embassy on how to bring Verapol Sukpol, known in Thailand as Sameekum and known globally as the “Jet-Set” monk, back to Thailand for prosecution. Matichon reports the talks between the Thai FBI and USA officer was tense and lasted for about an hour, with no statement from either side, except that the Thai FBI was optimistic the USA will send the Jet-Set monk back to Thailand. Matichon reports that the agent told the Thai FBI that under USA law, the process is long and involving, but the USA is cooperating with Thailand. Earlier, the Thai FBI requested the USA sends the Jet Set monk back to Thailand for prosecution, based on evidence that the Jet-Set monk, among other crime, had apparently raped an under-aged person. The Jet Set monk, was shown in pictures to have houses in the USA. It is un-known how the Jet-Set monk had accumulated a massive wealth, including 100s of luxury cars, but the Thai FBI is investigating the monk also for money laundering. The monk became famous when a picture of him appeared in a private jet and went around with Louis Vuitton bags.



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