Social network amused by Abhisit’s beach landing at oil spill hit Samet island


Former Thai PM, Abhisit, visit to the oil spill hit Samet island caused a stink with his critics, and also some non critic on social network, because of the way he entered the beach. The picture above appeared on the social network, showing Abhisit (in blue shirt and office shoe) entered the Samet island beach on a landing ramp. Over at Blue Sky TV, belonging to the Abhisit’s Dems Party, after the negative reaction on the social network, came out to defend Abhisit. Abhisit’s Dems has been criticizing the government for not doing enough to clean up the beach. The oil spill hit while Yingluck was in Africa. Yingluck, however, while earlier was expected to visit Samet island, has changed her mind, some local press report, opting to visit the oil leak command center in Bangkok.


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