Abhisit breaks long cultivated image with successive use of “Extreme Swear Word” in speech

Abhisit Vejjajiva - World Economic Forum Annua...

Abhisit Vejjajiva – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Many Thais are shocked that former Thai prime minister, Abhisit, an Oxford University Graduate, and considered homely and polite by Thailand’s middle-class, successively used extreme swear words, at a speech. This use of extreme swear words, by Abhisit, in a public speech, is considered the first. The incident, of Abhisit using such extreme Thai swear word, such as “Heai” was made a few days ago at a gathering of Abhisit’s voters base, in galvanizing them to protest the Yingluck’s government. In the speech, Abhisit called the Yingluck government “Heai” several times, to the cheering of the crow, a YouTube video of the speech showed. Overall, in the speech, Abhisit used the word “Heai” about 8 times. Heai in Thai, means a type of reptile that the Thais considered to bring bad luck. In its common usage, it is used to imply a “Low Life Form.”  The usage, also imply that the user is angry and mad. Abhisit rose up the Thai political ranks basing his out-reach to the Thai public on his homely and polite manner, and also his looks and charm, to win over the middle-class in Bangkok, mostly women office workers, who when Abhisit appear, would horde over him for his signature. In fact, Abhisit Dems, in the past have an overall image of being professional and technocrats, appealing to the elite establishment and their conviction to the civil servant class. Some neutral observer, says Abhisit using the extreme swear words successively, indicates either he is off balance or shows the real nature, behind the scene of Abhisit. Other observer says it appears that the nasty behavior of people at the party, that often hitting low with cheap shot, have infected Abhisit finally.


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