Yingluck at it again! Will her talking up Democracy in Africa out-rage the Thai elite establishment?

Yingluck Shinawatra - World Economic Forum on ...

Yingluck Shinawatra – World Economic Forum on East Asia 2012 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Every time Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck, talks about Democracy on her foreign visits, the Thai elite establishment becomes out-raged. It all started in Mongolia, at a global Parliament meeting, where Yingluck talked about Democracy, so out-raged the Thai elite establishment, many of the agents of the elite establishment came out to call Yingluck, quote: “Worse than a whore.”  All Africa reports; AFRICA’S fastest growing economies and democratic reforms are a major attraction to the business community in Thailand, a nation which is one of the Asian Tigers. Visiting Thailand Prime Minister, Ms Yingluck Shinawatra, said in Dar es Salaam while launching Thai-Tanzania Business Forum that Tanzania is one of the continent’s fastest growing economies and a growing democracy.” In Africa, FDI is growing at five per cent per annum while in Thailand, it is falling at 18 per cent which makes you attractive,” Ms Shinawatra said while pledging her government’s continued closer cooperation with Tanzania in particular and Africa in general. She said as a step towards enhancing strong ties with Africa, her government will host a key Thai-Africa Summit to be attended by several African leaders who have been invited. Over a half of the world’s fastest economies are on the African continent where growth has been propelled by new discoveries in natural gas and oil have attracted foreign direct investments (FDIs) from Europe, North America and Asia. Growing at an average of over five per cent, the country’s economy has further been boosted by vast discoveries of natural gas estimated at over 42 trillion cubic feet so far. “Tanzania is a leading voice on the African continent, let us work together in developing closer relations in trade,” she noted. The Thai PM further said her government will assist Tanzania develop its human capital by offering scholarships for youths to train in agriculture, agro-processing, energy and minerals processing. “The stability and democratisation taking place in Africa means that the continent will continue to grow,” Shinawatra pointed out. In his welcoming remarks, President Jakaya Kikwete paid tribute to Thailand’s exemplary economic growth, saying Tanzania has a lot to learn from the Asian Tiger. “Let’s develop closer relationships between our two countries and people for prosperity and economic growth,” Mr Kikwete noted. In a brief presentation on the country’s investment potential, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for investment, Dr Mary Nagu said local gemstone dealers need Thai technology to cut and polish the minerals locally and export finished goods. “We have many gemstones including a mineral that is a thousand times rarer than gold,” Dr Nagu said while inviting Thai business community to work with their local counterparts in tapping the country’s vast resources. The Thai PM arrived in the country yesterday with a delegation of over 100 mostly business people, her government’s senior officials and journalists.


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