Nasty Enough? Korn’s secretary says Yingluck on the cover of a Japanese magazine about “Old Women’s Ovaries”

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 5

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 5 (Photo credit: Asia Society)

Yaphat Haotawanich, personal secretary to opposition Dems MP, Korn Jatikavanich, just posted on Facebook, saying that Yingluck making the cover of a prestigious Japanese weekly, was a story about, quote: “Old women’s ovaries and how old women can find a husband.”  This is the latest attack on Yiingluck in what many neutral observer says is getting nastier and nastier. About a month ago, the official website of Prime Minister’s Office was hacked today, and the words, quote: “Yingluck is a slutty moron” was posted. That was the the latest in a string of “Sexual Related Attack” on Yingluck.  A few days before that “Slut” posting, a  model filed defamation charges on former PM Abhisit Vejacheva’s Democrat Party MP, Sathit Pituthecha for posting an R rated picture of her, with the wording that Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra, is worse than a whore. Earlier, a few days before that, two iconic far right journalists were charged with defamation, also related to “Sexual Attack.” First, Yingluck charged a cartoonist, Chai Rachawat, for saying she is worse than a whore for selling out Thailand’s interest, and second, an actress, filed defamation case against radio and TV journalist, Chermsak Pinthng, for posting her picture with the words the model wants to f-ck Thaksin. Thailand has been exploding into a debate about freedom of expression vs defamation, with the so called Bangkok Liberal, an off shoot of libertarian, such as @PravitR and many progressive, saying Yingluck over-reacted and that the criticism of PM Yingluck, about the whole whore issue, is acceptable and part of freedom of expression, under democracy. The so called Bangkok Liberal say if one is against Lese Majeste laws on defamation of Royalty, one must be against all defamation law, even if just saying, for example, the Thai King composed music sounds bad, can result in 20 years of jail time, and most non-Royalty defamation case in Thailand, results in a fine and suspended sentences. Those who support Yingluck, says there are a different between concepts such as criticism and libel attacks. The recent spat of far right sexually related attack on Yingluck, follows Yingluck’s pro-Democracy speech in Mongolia. However, since coming to power, there were many other such Sexual Related Attacks on Yingluck such as saying Yingluck went to a hotel to take in sperm fluid from a secret lover, who was Yingluck f-cking in college, and Yingluck wants to f-ck Obama, where these and others, appeared on the social networks (Source: Facebook & Twitter).


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