Bird singing sound points intelligence analyst to Southern Thailand as origin of said Al Qaeda Thaksin threat

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thailan...

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra before the start of the APEC Summit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Singing sound by of a type of birds popularly raised in Southern Thailand, heard as background, in a YouTube have lead some intelligence analyst to speculate that a YouTube video said to be Al Qaeda terrorist threat on Thaksin‘s life was made in Southern Thailand. The singing bird news and its analysis was made news by Matichon, a newspaper here in Thailand. No information was given if such a bird type is also popular in the Middle East. A few days ago, a video was posted on YouTube claiming to be Al Quada, went making death threat against former Thai prime minister, Thaksin, said for revenge of Muslim killed in Southern Thailand, in an incident that about 100 Thai Muslim suffocated to death by the hands of the Thai military. Matichon also quoted intelligence analyst as saying that a said to be Al Qaeda terrorist was wearing a gold watch, which is un-usual and that the language pronunciation in the You Tube video was different than the typical Al Qaeda operative, in other Al Qaeda video communications with the globe. There is a confusion among Thai analyst, however, with a top Thai police, saying the YouTube video was clearly made in the Middle East and is a genuine Al Qaeda message. Some neutral Thai observer says the video could, in fact, been made in Thailand as an attempt related to some strategy to complicate the troubled peace process in the militant infected Southern Thailand. While other said the video is made by Bangkok based anti Thaksin elements to play a larger role in Thai politics. Taksin was subject to several assassinations attempt by the elite establishment but miraculously escaped all assassinations attempt. (Source)

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