Abhisit’s Dems rev up “Word of Mouth Workshop” To by-pass facts & reason?

Abhisit Vejjajiva - World Economic Forum Annua...

Abhisit Vejjajiva – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

A Red Shirts leader, Nuling, twittered yesterday that Abhisit’s Dems have set a series of workshop on “Word of Mouth” to galvanize society to its cause. While most Thai press is pro elite establishment, and thus is a supporter of Abhisit’s Dems, Abhisit often says that the Thai press is against his party, giving his party little space for news. Thus according to Abhisit, to break the media black-out on his party, his party has taken two approach, in focusing on social media and also word of mouth. On social media, long noted is that the middle class, mostly an ally of Abhisit’s Dems, with their wealth and ownership of modern technology, Abhisit’s Dems have cornered social media such as Twitter to its side. On word of mouth, neutral analyst says Abhisit Dems is trying to corner the extended family system of Thailand, which is a weakness with the middle class, as many middle class have progress beyond the family network system, to more of a nucleus type of family structure. Some neutral observer says, Abhisit’s Dems is also in trouble as often, the party can not counter the government with facts and reasons, and has to resort to play on the emotions of its followers, and thus the social network and word of mouth, with often the information being un-substantiated, can spread like wild-fire, un-checked by, again, facts or reason.


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