Nutty? Thai police say magical amulet save police from certain death, in drug bust gone gun battle

Amulets and talismans

Amulets and talismans (Photo credit: Nathaniel_U)

Matichon reports a narcotic police commander miraculously escaped death, as a big gun-fight erupted, between police and drug-runners. The police commander was shot at close range, but 4 successive bullets from the drug runner’s gun, went blank. The incident took place as narcotic police laid a drug buying trap to arrest a gang of small time Ya Bah dealers. Once the police met member of the gang for the drug trade, another car pulled up at the dealing point. Narcotics police sensing that the situation was out of the drug bust plan, announced that they were police and for the drug dealers to give themselves up. Then the drug dealers open fired nearly killing a narcotic officer with a bullet that hit inches from the heart. But another narcotic police, Apichart was in the open and was fired on at close range to his body 4 times, a certain death. All the shot went blank. Somchai, head of the Thai police in the area, said the bullet blank might be because of a magical amulet worn by Apichart. Somchai gave the name of the amulet to be a class of amulet that is greatly sought after in Thailand for having protective powers. Amulets is a billion baht trading industry in Thailand. Some amulets fetch US$ multi million in price. Thai amulets are being exported to China and the market is burning hot, doubling in sales from year to year. (Source)


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