Institute of International Finance! Credit squeeze in Asia now worst since financial crisis


Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bank lending conditions in emerging Asian nations have tightened the most since the global financial crisis, according to the latest survey from the Institute of International Finance (IIF). The report shows the region’s headline index falling to a reading of 45.7, below the key 50-level that divides easing & tightening territory and its lowest level since the beginning of the survey in 2009. Asia also showed the tightest lending conditions of global emerging regions. The survey questioned 133 banks across Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle EastAfrica region and Asia’s headline figure of 45.7 was the lowest. Latin America was second-worst at 47.6 while Africa and the Middle East had the best result at 52.9. The report cites three principal factors for Asia’s strained credit conditions: deteriorating domestic funding conditions, high non-performing loans as well as declining loan demand. The region’s local funding conditions index dropped to 45.2, its lowest level since 2011 and the worst out of its surveyed peers. The report highlights that around 38 percent of Asia’s surveyed banks reported a tightening in funding conditions compared to just 15 percent in the first-quarter of this year. (Source)


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