Thailand’s US$1 billion bagged rice market hit hard, consumption drops to half normal level

Hungry Bowl with Rice for Hunger

Hungry Bowl with Rice for Hunger (Photo credit:

Latest research shows the Thai consumption of bagged Thai rice, has fallen from 2 to 3 bags to current 1 to 2 bags, hitting the US$1 billion a year,Thai bagged rice industry very hard. The Thai elite establishment, including Thailand’s opposition party of Abhisit’s Dems, have targeted Yingluck‘s rice scheme for attack, and that attack had spread to all aspect about Thai rice, including Thai rice quality. Earlier, rumor spread on the social network, instigated by a journalist, that anyone who ate certain brand of bagged Thai rice, will die of poison in 5 minutes. The also on social network and mainstream press, were “Fake News” that the USA was quarantining Thai rice, on safety concern. Thailand food and drug administration, once the rumor began, went out to inspect Thai bagged rice, and found that it is safe to eat. However, a consumer advocate group, also went out to conduct test and found that the rice was safe to eat, except for one brand of rice, Co Co. Co Co is a small rice packaging and bagging company that broke the rules on how to treat rice. That one example, of dangerous rice, however, re-enforced the image that Thai rice was unsafe. The bagged rice association has countered by offering US$600,000 to anyone who eat the associations member rice and die from poison. Thailand has a standard usage of chemicals in the treatment of rice, where the standard is on par with advance countries, where also the chemicals dissipate quickly once rinse and cooked. However, the Thai food and drug administration, have now required all bagged rice to get the seal of quality assurance from the government.


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