Thailand’s construction sector wants Yingluck to OK workers from Indonesia & Pakistan

Construction worker in San Francisco.

Construction worker in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Latest statistics, according to Prachachart Turakij, a business newspaper in Thailand, is that Thailand is about 100,000 worker short, in the construction business. Thailand has been experiencing a construction boom, with many new condo project going up. While the condo is going up all over Thailand, Thailand’s Issan region, where most of Thailand construction workers comes from, is also experiencing a very strong boom, drawing Issan workers back to the Issan region, leaving the other areas short of workers. And according to Prachachart Turakij, to tackle the problem, Thailand has been allowing Indonesians and Pakistan construction workers into Thailand, but the paper says the private sector wants the government to allow more workers from those countries to enter Thailand. The paper says, it is not just construction workers that is in short supply, but also foreman and engineers.

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