Despite polls supporting amnesty, Abhisit’s Dems revving up protest against Amnesty Bill

Despite polls that said most Thais support the amnesty bill, with one poll says to even further extent than the bill being tabled for Parliament to consider, Abhisit’s Dems is coming all out against the amnesty bill. The poll says give amnesty to all, the prople and the leaders of all side, for peace sake. “I want to ask Abhisit would it be OK for the party’s MP to join the stage and give speech at the protesters gathering against the Amnesty Bill,” said Niphit Intharasonbat, a key Dems MP. Up to the date of the Parliamentary debate on the Amnesty Bill, the Dems plans several party rallies against Yingluck and one occurred yesterday, attended by heavy weights Dems such as former Prime Minister, Chuan. The People’s Army, an off-shoot of the Pitak Siam, a Fascist group calling for the military to stage a coup, is planning a mass gathering on the 4th of August, a few days before the Amnesty Bill is debated in Parliament. In past Pitak Siam protest, Abhisit’s Dems was seen busing in its voter base to beef-up the Pitak Siam protest numbers. Abhisit’s Dems has a long track record of supplying its voters base to protest in the past, such as the Yellow Shirts protest. The Amnesty Bill aims to grant amnesty to the people involved in Thailand’s political problems over the years, but will not touch the leaders of all the sides. Such an Amnesty Bill, most neutral observer says would benefit Thailand as many are in jail. But analysts say Abhisit’s Dems and the People Army have objected to the bill on a bigger objective, in using the bill to try to topple the Yingluck’s government, by creating instability and seeking confrontations with protesters who support the bill, with the final objective of forcing the military to step in and stage a coup. (Source)


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