Thaksin & 2006 Coup prime minister, separately, call for a united Thailand

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Pr...

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Русский: БАНГКОК. С Премьер-министром Таиланда Таксином Чинаватом. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and former prime Minister of the 2006 coup government, Sorrayuth Chulanond, have seperately, called for Thailand to be uniited. The calls have went on mostly deft ears, as Thailand’s political divide is deep rooted. Even Sorrayuth is currently being implicated in the Pitak Siam re-emergence as the people’s Army to rid the country of Thaksin. Sorrayuth said put the past aside and what can be forgiven, should be forgiven, to unite the Thais. Meanwhile, Thaksin called on the people of Thailand to “turn and talk to each other” and “create unity.” Thaksin’s comments came in a video uploaded to YouTube by his son Panthongtae “Oak” Shinawatra on Thursday. The video was made to mark the exiled former prime minister’s 64th birthday on Friday. “At the time, I thought that I should probably make merit on my 60th birthday abroad because they would definitely come to get me,” Thaksin said. “I’m worried for Thailand. There are problems that can be solved but we left them unsolved due to the lack of trust and the rifts between us,” Thaksin said. “If we turn and talk to each other, create unity and discuss ways to deal with the problems in the country’s best interest, I’m confident that our country will prosper again.”


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