Bagged rice association offer US$600,000 to anyone who eat rice and die from poison

Rice up close

Rice up close (Photo credit: Rowan Peter)

Thailand‘s bagged rice association latest statement says, quote: “To ensure confidence in safety of Thai bagged rice, anyone who eats rice from the association member and dies, the association will pay about US$600,000 to the family. The offer comes as rumor of Thai bagged rice being un-safe has hit Thailand. The rumor is being spread by the elite establishment and its social media followers. About a week ago, a TV personality and journalist posted on his Facebook the name of some Thai bagged rice brand, where he said eat the rice and die in five minutes. That caused an out-raged in Thailand and the rumor spread. Yingluck since then has went to a rice packaging company, mentioned by the journalist, and sampled the company’s rice. Another celebrity, whose girlfriend got food poisoning posted on Facebook, that his girlfriend was sick from eating bad Thai rice.


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