Preparing for a major protest, protesters buy 40 large fan in plan to blow-back tear gas at police

A new protest group, an off-shoot of the Fascist Pitak Siam, that gathered for protest about 6 months ago, have bought 40 big fan, in preparation for their next protest on the 4th of August. The 40 large fan, would be mounted on trucks with the aim to blow tear gas back at the police line. In their last gathering, they managed to call up about 15,000 protesters, where the police used tear gas to dispel the protest, after the protest rammed trucks into the police line, in trying to break the line for passage to the Government House, with the final objection of occupying the Government House, as did the Yellow Shirts a few years back. The grand strategy of the protesters is to do anything to provoke the military into staging a coup against Yingluck, including self-inflicted violence. The Red Shirts made a stateent today, calling for the Red Shirts to stay cleart of the protest and let the police handle the protest. In building up the protest, Abhisit Dems, who supplied much of the Pitak Siam protesters, will hold several major rallies before the 4th of August.


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