Media regulator to clamp down on Grammy’s TV program on wild teen lives

Logo Sin Cable TV web600

Logo Sin Cable TV web600 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand’s telecom and media regulator is calling a meeting with Grammy Entertainment, to discuss the appropriateness of a Grammy cable TV program on teen-ages. In the program, teen-ages are depicted as active in sex, at times in school setting. The regulator hear, Perapong Manakij, sais the fact is clear that such activities takes place in Thailand with teen ages, but that as adult, quote: “Are we going to accept that teen-age sex occurs.” Peerapong said the Grammy program could violate the clause 37 of the broadcasting act, where the act allow ban on program deem not moral and ethical. Peerapong said the commission have watch the program and find it to be in-appropriate. He said the program entice people to think and imagine in a negative way. The program also have content of teen-ages going to illegal abortion clinic and buying contraceptive pill. Peerapong said while the program have no explicit sex scene, it can cause imagination. During the selection process for members to the telecom and media regulator, there was a fierce debate about the censorship power of the regulator, with several member saying the regulator will allow freedom of expression. However, over the years the regulator gradually changed its position, and more involved in media content. Earlier, Thailand far right wing research house, touted regulation of new media, such as cable TV content. Thailand tops the globe in teen age pregnancy problem with attamp to place condom machines in school rejected for not being appropriate. The result is that many teen visits illegal abortion clinic.


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