Korn, second in command at the Democrat Party, visit to a Red Shirts village produce lies

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersecti...

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersection in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Korn, from Thailand‘s Democrat Party, the opposition party, just went to visit a Red Shirts Village. There are about 10,000 such village in Thailand where the Red Shirts are strong and have declare themselves Red Shirts Village. Korn’s most substantiated statement from the village, is that there are parts of Thailand that never hear the Democrat Party’s message. Korn also went posting on his Facebook account, of his experience at the Red Shirts Village, saying many Red Shirts came out to greet him and that the village gave him a gift to remember the visit. However, a Red Shirts news outfit, went to the village that Korn went to visit, and made an interview of the people and posted the video on Facebook. According to the interview, only a few people came out to meet Korn and the gift Korn said was given to him, was actually bought by Korn from the village. Korn is seen as a replacement for Abhisit.


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