Thai government & militant separatist, BRN, in “Understanding” for peaceful Ramadan (Up-Dated)

The Thai government and the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN), the militant separatist in Thailand’s Deep South, have agreed to a 40-day Ramadan peace initiative, with no official signing of documents but will be “Understood” between parties.  Thailand’s PM Yingluck just took the post of Defense Minister. The  move was described as a significant step forward in the ongoing peace negotiations between both parties. During the period, which began on the evening of Tuesday (first day of Ramadan) and ends on Aug 18 (10th day of Syawal), both parties will take efforts to ensure a “violence-free Ramadan”, said Malaysian facilitator to the Joint Working Group-Southern Thailand Peace Process Datuk Seri Ahmad Zamzamin Hashim. The move have, however, raised some doubts as the BRN is not the only fraction of militancy in the Deep South.  “Initially, it was supposed to be a declaration, but both sides have not signed any document. Hence, we treat it as a common understanding made in the spirit of Ramadan.   “During this period, the Thai government will continue its responsibility towards crime prevention and monitoring public security, while refraining from aggressive action with regard to the security problems caused by the southern unrest. (Up-Dated) Violence has broken out with two teachers dead from a road side bombing, raising question about how much in control is the BRN.


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