Democrat Party MP bitched at Yingluck, says Thai military exists under a “Trashy Skirt”

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 19

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 19 (Photo credit: Asia Society)

A Democrat Party MP, Sathit Petuthecha, said yesterday, as Yingluck went to the Defense Ministry to accept her position as Thailand‘s Defense Minister, that, quote: “The military exists under a trashy dress.” The Sathit incident follows earlier incident when about 100 Thais went to protest that Yingluck going to the Defense Ministry, by blocking her passage and said that, quote: “It is a shame the Thai military will have to salute a pussy.” Sathit is known for such out-burst, earlier he was sued by a model, where Sathit used an “R” rated picture of the model, with the wording, quote “Yingluck is worse than a whore” written on the picture. Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party spokesman, at a press conference yesterday called on the elder at the Democrat Party to talk to Sathit as his behavior has tarnished the Thai MP status and standard. “Or is all the people in the Democrat Party are young,” said the spokesman.


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