A former big-shot Hollywood film producer “Blast” at Thailand’s film industry

The following is from a former high level USA film producer.

Thailand should have a vibrant and interesting film industry…..but it does not….blame the “pre-approval” process for all scripts, the censorship by PAD/Yellow/Royalist Culture Ministry bureaucrats….,the list of forbidden topics (no police corruption, no criticism of Buddhism state religion, no criticism of the military, no criticism of the judges/courts, no negative mention of royals, Thailand’s excessive liability laws which the connected and wealthy use to attack anyone who criticize them, etc)…….add to all that, the fact that most Thai film directors are from the upper or upper middle class, think along the royalist/PAD/Yellow line of bs, have almost no personal contact with ordinary working people in Thailand, are racist against people with darker skin, are against democratic values and structure, are pro-military coup, probably seldom read books, may only speak a little English and have limited international exposure……the final touch being that it is almost impossible for talented ordinary Thais, Isan, Khmer, Malay, to break thru the royalist stranglehold on the arts in Thailand….they are left to design and make neon signs for the nightlife, decorate tuk-tuks and paint large tour buses, etc…….very different from the Hollywood or UK film/tv area where people come from all sectors of the society, from every country on earth, compete based on talent, and the one limit is can you help sell tickets and get eyeballs in front of the tv…….


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