Thaksin latest leak video: Much to do about nothing!

A clip, with heavy editing, was posted on YouTube on July 6, of a recording of a conversation between Thaksin and Gen Yuthasak that some said took place late last month, while others said it took place long time before that. The conversation was about a plan to push for an amnesty to bring Thaksin back to Thailand, the possibility of amending the Defence Ministry’s regulations concerning a military reshuffle and appointments of military officers, that the 2006 coup constitution place in the hands of the military, and the government’s relationship and control of the armed forces. There is nothing much in the video clip that is not already known. Most reaction says, the video will complicate Thaksin’s plans to return to Thailand, as the anti Thaksin group, is using the clip to freshly propagate their anti Thaksin drive. As for the relationship and control of the military, observer says there is little that Yingluck can do, if the 2006 coup military constitution is not changed. Many, such as Jai Ungpakorn, have bitterly criticized Thaksin and Yingluck, saying that they have cut a deal with the military long ago, to leave the military out of the court’s cases on the military crack-down that caused the death of about 100 protesters. Since then, the relationship have been smooth. The military budget request and plans have also mostly been approved. The Deep South situation also sees Yingluck compromising her “Dove” policy, to be a little more “Hawkish” to appease the Thai military.


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