Thailand has taken bizarre its obsession with Hitler too far, now Hitler Fried Chicken

About a year ago, high school students decorated their school as a Nazi HQ and the students went wearing Nizi uniforms. That move caused the Israel embassy in Thailand to make statements. And the Thai authorities said they will add the history lesson of Nazi Germany in Thai school text books. But nothing much happened, after that. Thailand continue to treat Hitler, in kind ways. AOL reports; Thailand has taken bizarre its obsession with Hitler too far – by opening a chicken restaurant in Bangkok named after the German Nazi leader. A picture of the restaurant on shows the restaurant appearing as though it has stolen KFC‘s style with a picture of Hitler replacing Colonel Sanders. Alan Robertson, who lives in Bangkok, told the Daily Mail: “The place opened last month and nobody quite knows what to make of it. “I went in for a bite last week and got some fried chicken, which was pretty good, and asked the guy behind the counter why it was called Hitler. “He just shrugged his shoulders and said the owners had thought it was good image.” Fried chicken, chips and burgers are on sale at the restaurant. Around Bangkok, Hitler’s face features on T-shirts, as a panda costume and a cartoon Ronald McDonald. The bizarre trend is reportedly popular among young people in Thailand. (Source)


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