Is the Red Shirts as movement near bankrupt?

Most who subscribed to what the Thai elite establishment says, always say that Thaksin is behind the Red Shirts, giving it financial support and from that the Red Shirts support Thaksin and is used by Thaksin. However, Dr Wang, husband to Red Shirts leader, Thida, have told local Thai press, that Thida, is resigning her leadership of the Red Shirts because she is having to use her own funds, to finance the Red Shirts activity, and that the Red Shirts movement is short of money. Thida, meanwhile tells local press only that she has been the head of the Red Shirts movement for two years and it was time other came to lead the movement. The Red Shirts movement, said Thida, is a strategic partner of Yingluck‘s political party Pheu Thai Party, but that was all there is to it, as the Red Shirts have their own set of priority, such as amending the 2006 military constitution and to free all political prisoners, that does not involved the higher echelons of all sides of the Thai political divide. Thida have oftern been criticized by many in the Red Shirts movement, for her often reconciliation tone and non-confrontational approach, leaving some fractions of the Red Shirts movement, to fend for themselves and conduct their activity without broader Red Shirts movement support, such as the Red Shirts community group, which have spearheaded the anti-judicialization of Thailand move. There are some speculation, that who ever comes to lead the Red Shirts, will become more active in their activity. Some analyst says, with the elite establishment more active that ever with judicialization of Thailand, giving the Yingluck’s government a great deal of difficulties, the Red Shirts will come to the rescue, and put pressure on such units such as the constitutional courts, the election commission and the anti corruption unit, all part of the judicialization of Thailand. other analysts said the Thai rice farmers, many who are Red Shirts and many who support the Pheu Thai Party, where the rice farmers is being attacked by the elite establishment, will be the glue that prevents the Red Shirts and the Yingluck government from drifting too far apart. Already, many in the Red Shirts movement, bitterly talks of the Yingluck government and many want the Red Shirts movement, to transform itself into a political party. Most observer says such a party will be difficult as there is a question of who will fund the party, as most in the Red Shirts movement are grassroots people.


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