Thaksin climbs back to list of top ten richest Thai, approaching US$2 billion again


Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra i...

Thailand’s Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in a meeting at the Pentagon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand’s former PM, Thaksin, kicked out by the 2006 coup and saw much of his asset nationalized away for conflict of interest crime many say are political motivated, was ranked by Forbes as Thailand’s 10th richest person, with an asset approaching US$2 billion. It was the first time Thaksin made it to the top ten list in years, after that asset nationalization. At his height, Thaksin was worth about US$2 to 3 billion. However, Thaksin mostly spend his time, exile from Thailand, building up a new business empire. Thaksin told Bloomberg, a few years after he exiled out of Thailand, that he had about US$100 million left. His first high-profile deal was the acquisition of the Premier League soccer club, Manchester City, where under pressure to sell it for politics, Thaksin was still able to exit the deal in what Thaksin said was a very generous price offer. Thaksin is highly active, as a business person in the Middle East, having been named a top manager for a multi US$ billion new Saudi Arabia city, for example. He is also active in minerals, such as gold, extraction. Thaksin has also invested in resorts and hotels, picking up boutique properties for renovation. Most of Thaksin business activity has been kept a secret, but there was some talk of Thaksin’s involvement is some high-profile acquisition in China. Thaksin also calls Hong Kong a home, where the city is bursting with deals. It is un-clear, where Forbes got the information from. (source)


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