Japanese, monk for 30 years in Thailand, quits for “Soul Mate” & shattered followers

A Japanese Buddhist monk in Thailand for about 30 years, Mitsuoh, said he has found his “Soul Mate” in life and that is why he mysteriously disappeared from his famous monastery about a week ago. Mitsuoh, and his soul mate had gotten married and said they will pursue a career championing health care advice. A Thai TV station went to interview the followers of Mitsuoh at the monestery and reported that his followers, 100s in numbers, are greatly disillusioned and lost, without his leadership. On the social network, there has been an argument running for days, about if it right or wrong, for someone to leave the monkshood to get married. Many said it was Misuoh’s business what he did with his life. But some Thai monks are not happy. A famous Thai monk, Phra Payom, said Mitsuoh has disgraced the monkshood and Buddhism. Mitsuoh seems happy. He is back in Japan and going to the spa for a hot bath twice a day, to cure his diabetic. Mitsuoh wife, is somewhat well known person in Thailand, in the High Society area. Mitsuoh, as a monk had written numerous books about how to live a happy and satisfying life under Buddhism.


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