Followers of private jet & Louis Vuitton bags surrounding monk to raise fund for monk’s public relations

As insane as it sounds, local Thai press reports that followers of a Buddhist monk, Kum,who travels in private jets and use Louis Vuitton bags, will get a collection drive going, for a fund, to be use to help the monk improve his public relations. The monk, is now mostly shunned in Thailand and his monastery, once teeming with Thais fighting to donate money to the monk Kum, has been quiet in recent days, local press reports. The monk also plans to make a video link to his followers from Europe, where he is mostly based and has a thriving donation collection drive going. It is un-known what the monk Kum, is famous for as a Buddhist monk, as there is very little on his teachings that have made it to the public. The monk Kum, existed for years mostly un-known to the Thai official Buddhist organization. With the news of monk Kum going around in private jets, the monk oversight organization, says it will investigate him, and perhaps force him out of the monk-hood.


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