A day of heavy “Fake News” by Thai press for the usual attack on Yingluck

Today is a great example to how “Trash Like” Thai press is. First, came news that USA‘s FDA has blocked Thai rice for inspection for quality. Most Thai press reported on the story. The news proved to be “Fake” and a figment of some press imagination. Then came K-Water, the South Korea water related infrastructure firm. Most Thai press said K-Water was near bankrupt and thatK-Water, being near bankrupt, was able to get a contract with Thailand’s anti-flood plans, because K-Water was close to Thaksin. That is also “Fake News’ as K-Water is rated very high by several credit rating agencies. All of it the USA FDA inspection and K-Water near bankrupt, are of course, the latest in the Thai press attack on Yingluck. As Thai Intel have said many times, most Thai press serves the elite establishment.


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