Will Yingluck include “Grade A” people into her cabinet re-shuffle?

Many Thai press are reporting that Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, who was greatly criticized by the press  for months on end for various issues, with the press mixing “Real News” with “Rumor News” in a usual mostly anti Yingluck and anti Thaksin news, is poised for a cabinet re-shuffle. That reshuffle, some press says will be a major re-shuffle will include many “Grade A” people. After years of the establishment crack-down on Thaksin the so called “Grade A” and “Grade B” people that support Thaksin and Yingluck were barred from politics. That situation has left Yingluck with mostly “Grade C” people for her cabinet. Since then, the “A and B” people have slowly returned to politics, and some have joined the Yingluck inner circle. But internal Pheu Thai Party politics, with several fractions, have prevented the fully utilization of “A and B” people, as these “A and B” people and mostly independent and have a strong political identity to themselves. For example Chaturong Chaisang, with a track record as one of Thailand’s foremost Democratic Activist was mentioned in the press for a cabinet post. While being team players, these “A and B” people are familiar to the Pheu Thai Party character of being a mix between the Shinawatra family group, the popular political individuals and their groupings, and also influence from the Red Shirts. However, while polls in Thailand rarely reflect the reality of situation, some recent poll suggests Yingluck’s and her government popularity has plunged in recent months. Given that a general election is coming in about 2 years, Yingluck may choose to rev up her cabinet for performance. Already the rice farmers are disillusioned by Yingluck’s cutting the rice support scheme, and have protested her. Will Yingluck press the “Go” button for the “A and B” people to join her cabinet?


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