Rajprasong Merchant Organization quiet on Guy Fawkes movement & continue to blast Red Shirts

The Rajprasong Merchants Organization, that have issued a statement of objection, on every Red Shirts gathering at the intersection, have not issued any statement on the Guy Fawkes movement, even after three protest there by the Guy Fawkes movement, in matter of months. The Guy Fawkes protest, similar to the Red Shirts gathering there, have blocked traffic and threw the area into a “Ghost Town” from shoppers as the protest went on. Unlike the Red Shirts protest there, most merchants are open to the Guy Fawkes movement, for example, Central World allowed the Guy Fawkes to use its plaza to gather, while when the Red Shirts gather, the plaza is shut-off and closed. The Rajprasong Merchant Organization, continues to make statement on the Red Shirts using the area for gathering. Most observer have noted how different the Guy Fawkes and Red Shirts gathering are greeted by the Rajprasong ares merchants. Neutral observer says, most Guy Fawkes protesters are middle-class who are customer of the Rajprasong merchants, but the Red Shirts are mostly, grass-roots and lower middle income, which are not customer of the Rajprasong merchants. Then the Red Shirts are seen as Democratic, where in Thailand, many belonging to the middle and upper class subscribe to the Thai Style Democracy, that says Democracy must be tamed and controlled, so that the so called “Good people” will have room to go after the “Evil Incarnated” Thaksin and Yingluck. Many of the area shopping centers, hotels and buildings, belong to staunch Facist Yellow Shirts supporter, that is supporting the Guy Fawkes movement. The fact is, also, the Rajprasong Merchant Organization, have filed a law suit with the court, charging the Red Shirts for hurting their business. The Red Shirts held a long-term protest at Rajprasong a few years back, hurting business severely, and calls were made to crack-down on the Red Shirts so that business could continue as normal. The pressure eventually lead to a crack-down, that saw about 100 protesters killed, many in execution style sniper bullet to the head. Perhaps, Central World had had enough, as the Central Group, said its plaza is not longer available for gathering, after the Guy Fawkes movement last protest disrupted a “Street Food Fair” at the plaza, and the fair had to be shut-down. In the middle of the street at the last Guy Fawkes movement gathering at Rajprasong, with 100s of foreigners watching, 10s of Guy Fawkes protesters, carrying clubs and batons, ran towards the Red Shirts protesting there also, where clashes occurred.


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