Rice Scheme! Caught between the elite & rice farmers, Yingluck compromise & lost all friends?

After months upon months of Thailand’s mostly hate Yingluck and Thaksin news outfit “Softening up Yingluck” with all sort of highly “Fake News Based Highly Critical Reports “For the Kill, such as the imaginary US$ 8 billion loss on her rice scheme and censoring Moodys no credit rating down-grade, to the recent great amount of Thai rice have rotted and super-markets rice are un-safe to eat, Yingluck have opted to a compromise, and cut her rice support by about 20%. The move sparked the Thai rice farmers to plan to stage a massive protest against Yingluck. And while the 20% cut in price should have appeased the hate Yingluck crowd, of course, it did not, as many press, such as Krugthep Turakij, continue to attack the rice scheme. Yingluck appear to have lost many friends. What Yingluck is going through, is similar to the old American saying, that when one try to please all friends, one lose all friends. But here in Thailand, long noted, is that the elite establishment is not really concern about the “Rice Scheme” but is attempting to topple Yingluck. Most neutral political analyst, points to the elite establishment, long noted, attempt to weaken Yingluck, from her political base, by driving a “Stake” in the relationship, between Yingluck and her votes base. First was the attempt to stake a wage between the Red Shirts and Yiingluck, and when that failed, the elite establishment, shifted to placing a stake between Yingluck and rice farmers. When will Yingluck learn? Her friends are the people and her enemies is the elite establishment and their press. When Thaksin was the PM, the elite establishment and its press attacked his populous policies with even harder attack on them, than what Yingluck is facing. Then when they got rid of Thaksin, of course, they kept all of Thaksin’s populous policies. And most of the Thai press, that supports the elite establishment, of course, where months ago were screaming at Thaksin’s populous policies as being evil incarnated, did not attack the coup government or Abhisit, for keeping the Thaksin’s populous policies going. Already, believe it or not, Abhisit, has reversed years of anti Yingluck rice scheme, and is saying that rice farmers interest have been hurt by the 20% reduction in support. What is Yingluck’s solution? She now plans to compensate the rice farmers, to stop the protest, some-how.


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