Bill Heinecke, into business when teen, in projects with kid’s creative learning center, TK Park

Forbes latest US$ billionaire Bill Heinecke, who started of in business as a minor, has got his company, involved in supporting projects TK Park, reports Matichon. TK Park is a creative learning center for children, supported by the government. Park press release says; “With unprecedented challenges of the Information Age, the government of Thailand was fully aware of the importance in leading the country towards a learning society and seeing the need to create an alternative environment of learning especially for children and young people. On January 13, 2004, the cabinet passed a resolution, in accordance with the government policy on social and quality of life development, to establish the Thailand Knowledge Park (TK park). The office of Thailand Knowledge Park was established June 18, 2004 according to the announcement of the administrative committee of The Office of Knowledge Management and Development No. 4/2547; subject: Establishment and Management of Thailand Knowledge Park, which is a specialized organization under the Office of Knowledge Management and Development. The objective of TKpark is to serve as the source of knowledge for the future. Therefore, the establishment of TK park presents with the new approach to an innovative vision to build Thailand towards a learning society by cultivating a positive attitude towards reading habit, the love of reading, creative thinking, and lifelong pursuit of knowledge among children and youth. Bill started his business early on as a minor. He was born in 1949, Heinecke moved to Bangkok in 1963 with his family, having previously been based in Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. His father served for 25 years in the US military, through two wars, and later joined the foreign service. His mother worked as an Asia correspondent for Time magazine. Heinecke became a student at the International School Bangkok[1] and persuaded the editor of Bangkok World to let him write a weekly column on go-carting, in exchange for the advertisement space alongside.[2] At age 17, Heinecke took over from the Bangkok World’s advertising manager while still attending high school.[2] By the time he graduated a year later, he had founded Inter-Asian Enterprise to supply office cleaning services, and Inter-Asian Publicity, a radio advertising company, with around US$1,200 he had borrowed[citation needed]. The latter he later sold off to Ogilvy & Mather and, in 1967, founded Minor Holdings that would grow into The Minor Group over the next four decades, spanning more than 30 companies.[citation needed] In 1968, Heinecke married his high school sweetheart Kathy and has two children with her.[1][3]


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