Thai politics hit by rumor tremors: Press feeds “Fake News” & engulf Thai society with uncertainty

Thailand is being hit by a rumor tremor. After months of hyping up hate Yingluck and hate Thaksin news, from building up the Chiang Mai water meet to be chaotic, to hyping up massive loss on the Thai rice scheme when no one knows for sure, to the government having murder of Akeyuth to a wide-spread talk on cabinet reshuffle and others, most of the Thai press is now, feeding “Fake News” that the Yingluck government is planning a “Snap Election.” If all of that was not enough, there is the crazy fake news that massive amount of rice is rotting away and that eating rice is not safe! The news, of snap election, again, comes on top, as the climax, to a horde of other “Fake News” mentioned. This climax of the entire “Fake News” episode from the Thai press, comes after the Yingluck government lost the by-election in Don Muang. At this point, no one appears to know what is going on with Thai politics, as the government is continuing to operate as normal, giving little indication of a cabinet re-shuffle, snap election, or rice scheme and others. Yet it would be practically impossible, for the government to counter all the rumors and “Fake News” being pumped into the Thai society, by the again mostly hate Yingluck and Thaksin Thai press and thus, there are no one ready to listen to the government. For example, when Moody’s said Thai public finances are robust and there is no threat from the Thai rice scheme, most Thai press censored the news and continued to feed into the Thai society that Thailand’s credit rating is at risk. That creating an “Environment of Uncertainty” is the current objective of most Thai press. It is part of the strategy to topple Yingluck, as at the same time that most Thai press are portraying an image of a “Shaky Yingluck Government” they are of course, hyping up the “Strength” of the protest against her and how well Abhisit is doing.


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