Yingluck’s party slipping? By-election loss is all about not staying in touch

There is an old American saying, that success, is 90% about showing up and staying in touch! Yingluck’s Phau Thai Party just suffered a by-election loss to a candidate who when younger, appeared as model in gay magazines. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but the point is, in Thailand, candidate with such explicit behavior, like wearing bikini on the front page of gay magazines, seldom wins elections in traditional Thailand. More over the area of the by election, is a very strong Red Shirts area, with a solid base for Yingluck. That election loss can serve as a “Test Case” for sentiment, ahead of a general election, in a few years. In fact, Yingluck’s candidate loss by about 2,000  votes, and the number of votes the party got, from last election there, to this by election, saw about 10,000 disappeared. What happened to tat about 10,000 votes? Is it just a by election low turn-out? Or is there more? Well, during Thailand’s flooding a few years back, The Don Muang area, where the by election took place, was severely hit by massive flooding, and often heard, are the local people saying Yingluck just did a poor job in flood management. Then the party, while it knows that most Thai press is against it, have taken years upon years trying to improve its communication efforts with the voters, as the fact is, what the Yingluck’s government has been able to achieve, is just not in the news to be heard. Even with that, instead of going to the people to touts its success, on a continuing basis, Yingluck is devoting lots of time on the constitution amendment issue, which is a non voters pocket related issue. There is clearly a gap, between what the Yingluck government is achieving and what the voter base are hearing, coming on top of a horrible flooding experience. And here, the news about what Yingluck is doing about flooding currently, is also being twisted by the press to paint a bad picture. In sum, Yingluck must find a way to communicate her achievements to the voters base, on a continuous basis. She and her party, clearly have lost touch with the voters base.


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