Dangerous “Virus of Violence” start to infect Thailand’s Guy Fawkes movement

The Guy Fawkes movement went staging their third protest gathering yesterday. The movement is supported by a broad-based anti Yingluck and Thaksin coalition, from Abhisit‘s Democrat Party supplying mask, to communist backed by wealthy Thais, to Fascist Yellow Shirts media urging more protest. However, the Guy Fawkes movement has been “Infected” with the “Violence Virus.” Several Thai press reports today, with pictures, of several Guy Fawkes protesters carrying batons and one picture captured a Guy Fawkes having a hand gun. In fact, a local Thai press, Thai Rath, reports many Guy Fawkes protesters, chased several Red Shirts protesters, holding weapons such as baton. What is worse, is that these batons and gun wielding Guy Fawkes protesters wore the same type of shirt, identified as uniforms, and so the batons carrying in fact is a policy, of someone’s organization. The action reminisces years ago when the fascist Yellow Shirts ran wild all over Bangkok, armed to the teeth, shooting at the enemies, like the Red Shirts. The problem for Thailand is that “Violence” is accepted. To this day, for example, Abhisit continued to hold his usage of violence against the Red Shirts protesters as legal and justifiable. And the so many act of violence by the Yellow Shirts in the past has escaped legal action for accountability. That belief, that violence is acceptable and that violence does not lead to accountability, have fed on the spread of the “Virus of Violence” in Thailand. At this reporting, even with clear pictures and video feed, the Thai police has not gone after the “Clearly Violent” Guy Fawkes protesters yesterday.


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