Eurozone economic refugee to Thailand specialize 100s year old Thai desert with peanut butter

Peanut butter is loved globe over, especially in the USA. A Eurozone economic refugee to Thailand has improved on Kanom Krouk, a 100 years old Thai desert, with peanut butter. Kanom Krouk is a Thai desert of wet jelly cup, made mostly, from coconut milk, with at times, toppings is offered. At a local wet market, in Thailand’s richest districe, Asoke, a Eurozone economic refugee, has set up a small stall, selling the improved Thai desert. In an interview, he said he researched the internet for the know-how, and decided to specialize the desert with his special touch. Many of the the mostly executive at the wet market, at lunch time, have visited the stall, and said they enjoy the twist on the desert. The desert, final taste, resembles Reeses Pieces, coconut and peanut butter, in taste. The Eurozone economic refugee, after a few months of selling at the market, stopped the business, however. The speculation is that he is hitting other markets. In Thailand’s wet market, it is customary for desert makers, such as doughnut, to hit the market with the doughnut, then after the initial sales explode and drops, they will quit the market, and seek other market, to ramain high on the high sales growth curve (Source: The Asoke Wet Market)


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