Thai steel maker: Asean steel makers should find ‘commonality’ to work together

It had been a very long-term, god awful, time for the global steel makers, as global economy slumped, and the only way to survive was was rationalization, with several moves such as greated control of cost in any way. Such as a Thai steel maker, going to the UK for an up-stream supply base, and access to the Eurozone market. Now a Thai steel maker, is making wave. Steel Press, reports, “Steel producers in Southeast Asia should work together to tackle some of the shared issues confronting them, according to a key industry executive. Steelmakers face common problems relating to matters such as finance, technology, competition, raw materials on a daily basis, Win Viriyaprapaikit, group ceo and president of Thailand steelmaker Sahaviriya Steel Industries, told delegates at the Southeast Asia Iron and Steel Institute (Seaisi) conference in Pattaya, Thailand, recently. Instead of tackling these issues individually” (Source).


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