Thailand’s top spy controversy! Will the spy, spy on the government for Abhisit?

When Yingluck came to power, one of the first thing she did was to replace Thailand’s top spy, the head of Thailand’s national security  & intelligence apparatus. It had been a long running practice in Thailand, for the new government to choose the top spy, as the top spy, must sit in every cabinet meetings. For example, when Abhisit became the Thai PM, he also replace the top spy, naming Tawil as his top spy. So when Yingluck became PM, she of course, by normal practice, replaced Tawil. Tawil, rejecting the order, went to the Administrative Court, and filed a complaint, of wrongful conduct on a civil servant on Yingluck. The court just issued a statement, saying the removal of Tawil is wrong and Yingluck must re-instate Tawil. This report will goes beyond the typical Democracy and Elite establishment argument, which many say the administrative court is part of the Elite Establishment and thus the ruling was anticipated and expected. But there is a danger here, that the Elite Establishment, is just not on the road to destroy Yingluck with this ruling, but they are, literally, destroying Thailand.


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