Thailand to help Maldives turn sea water into fresh water

Thai PM, Yingluck Shinawatra, on a state visit to Maldives, said Maldives had asked Thailand to help them turn salt water into drinkable water for its people. Thailand increasingly is known as an emerging R&D hub and many multi-nationals, strong in R&D, calls Thailand home.  While Thailand’s Phuket Island and Maldives compete neck to neck to attract tourist, Thailand and Maldives have agreed to further strengthen their ties by doubling trade, promoting tourism, and cooperating on energy businesses. On the last day of her official visit to Maldives, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said both countries had agreed to increase their trade value, boost tourism industry, promote processed food products, and cooperate on energy matter, especially in the field of alternative energy. The Thai Premier further revealed that the tourism industry of Maldives is very attractive, as its people have high purchasing power; elaborating that it would be a good opportunity for Thai investors to seek new market in the Maldive islands. According to Ms Yingluck, she would use what she has seen during her visit to Maldives to make some improvement in Thailand, such as the preservation of natural resources and pristine beaches of sky blue water; which will attract a lot of tourists to Thailand (Source)


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