Moodys & Thailand’s rice scheme! Will Yingluck choose transparency & credit rating over competitiveness?

Moodys, a global credit rating agency still tarnished for missing the call on the last global financial crisis, just issued a report saying that Thailand’s long-term credit rating is at risk, from current losses, on the Yingluck’s rice scheme, potential causing Thailand’s government budget to miss a “balance budget target” some 4 – 5 years in the future. The Yingluck’s government first reaction, is to say Moody’s information is not correct. In fact, Moody information, most likely, came from what is available in the public domain, like what the Thai newspapers and academic says, where the Thai newspapers and academic, are mostly anti-Yingluck. There has been little information provided by the Yingluck government. And also indeed, much of the information on the Yingluck rice scheme, has been kept a secret. Yingluck’s government have cited, “Competitiveness in the Market Place” as the reason to keep the rice scheme information, mostly a secret. Yingluck is correct here, that in normal business practice, information that could impact the price of a product, in the market place, are kept secret by most firms, as most businesses attempt to have control over pricing. However, as the information is kept secret, there is a risk, such as the risk Moody’s is creating, such as a lack of transparency have cause an alarm on credit rating. Moody’s assertion and its credit rating move, in fact, is Moody’s in-directly demanding, to Thailand’s state secret. That information, on Thailand state secret, will be available to all Moody’s customers. The rice scheme competitiveness profile will be destroy. What should Yingluck do? Will it be transparency or will it be competitiveness? Or will it be credit?


One thought on “Moodys & Thailand’s rice scheme! Will Yingluck choose transparency & credit rating over competitiveness?

  1. The real question here is, which hurts the Thai economy less? I don’t know, but I would guess that a bad credit rating from Moody would have more negative long-term effects. However, the rice scheme would probably hurt the PM’s credibility more, and so I assume the gov’t won’t reveal the details.

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