Thailand trying to up tourism income from long-stay! Guardian on long stay at a famous island

A Master Card research, just found Bangkok to be the hottest global spot for tourism. But Master card noted, that the spending by foreigners in Thailand, is moderate, compared to how much foreigners spend in other places, like the UK, France of The USA. That fact has long been recognized, by Thai tourism officials and trying to get tourist to stay longer in Thailand, is one major solution. The following is a report from the Guardian, on long-term tourism prospect in Thailand. Guardian says, “Many people enjoy a brief idyll on one of Thailand’s beautiful islands. But Torre DeRoche forged a much more meaningful relationship with Koh Tao by living there long term. Some people, given a month or two to cavort the world, will fill their itineraries with a blur of destinations, experiences and bus rides. I like to slow down so that I can know a place inside out, smell it, feel its heartbeat. That is why, when my partner, Ivan, and I set off for a long getaway, we pinpointed a single destination. Koh Tao, a tiny speck in the Gulf of Thailand, is known for its inexpensive Padi scuba training, and since Ivan had always wanted to become an expert diver, this was enough of a reason to call this island home for a while. On the surface, the main town of Koh Tao looks like any Thai holiday hotspot: palms, turquoise water, beach bums sipping Chang beers and charring their skin pink. Hawkers pace the beach with a selection of Ray-Bans; baby-faced backpackers in string bikinis flirt in beachside bars, drinking cocktails from buckets. But zipping past palm forests, monks and burning incense on our cheap hired scooter, we discovered a much lovelier beach in the south of the island called Chalok Baan Kao. With only a few hotels, restaurants and bars, this side of the island felt like a private retreat. A walk around the bay took us to a secluded beach with basic bungalows right on the sand, called Taraporn. For 500 baht a night (around £11), we could fall asleep to a warm breeze off the water, and wake to lapping waves. After a while we decided to search for a property to rent for several months. The thrill of house hunting turned to frustration after six weeks, but finally Ivan returned from a solo hunt and declared: “I found us a place at the top of a hill!” (Source)


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