Asia Money gives best bank to KBank & best bond bank to Bangkok Bank

Asia Money gave the best bank of the year award to KBank, best bond bank to Bangkok Bank and best broker to Phatra Securities. Kasikornbank (KBank) plans to expand its private banking business aggressively this year, targeting a growth rate of 12% in assets under management (AUM) and 15% for the wealthy customer base.The bank’s AUM is 500 billion baht with a combined 6,500 high-net-worth clients, 15-20% of whom live upcountry. With double-digit economic growth in provincial areas outpacing single-digit growth in the capital, KBank will focus on new private banking business in the provinces. Bangkok Bank is a Thai commercial bank, with approximately US$66.79 billion in total assets (at 31 December 2011). Its branch network includes over 1000 branches within Thailand, with 26 international branches or representative offices in 13 economies, spanning ASEAN and major economic countries, including wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and China.[4] Bangkok Bank also own branches in London and New York to complement its extensive network in South East Asia. Phatra Securities has also continued its collaboration with Bank of America Merrill Lynch (“Merrill Lynch”) since 2003. This covers research, securities brokerage agency, and investment banking. Phatra Securites and Merrill Lynch are exclusive partners in terms of research distribution, with Phatra Securities providing research on Thai companies and securities, the economy, politics, capital market, financial market and other industries in Thailand. For securities brokerage, Phatra Securities and Merrill Lynch work closely together under similar operation platforms. For investment banking, Phatra Securities and Merrill Lynch collaborate in terms of consultancy, cross-border transactions, undocumented block trades that require international agency and international mergers & acquisitions excluding Futures Exchange Brokerage.


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