At Water Summit, PM Yingluck, dove into disaster relief, water management and flood prevention

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra opened on Monday morning the national leaders’ session as part of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit, held here from May 14-20 and attended by more than 40 countries and international organisations. Leaders of Asia-Pacific countries on Monday agreed to put water on each of their national agendas.  They said in the “Chiang Mai Declaration” released after the Asia-Pacific Water Summit that the issue would grow in importance and be a policy priority. They pledged to build regional resilience to natural disasters and share technical skills on management of the resource. Better preparations for disaster threats were needed due to rapidly growing development in the region. The leaders warned in the meeting that fierce competition for water could trigger conflict unless nations cooperate to share the diminishing resource. Thai prime minister delivered a speech on disasters, disaster relief operations, water management and flood prevention plans in Thailand. She urged countries in Asia and the Pacific to promote sustainable water management to prevent war on water in the future. In her speech, Yingluck cautioned that there could be war on water in the future, as water is borderless and flows from high to low grounds; so, water management in the region needs to be integrated because no countries can cope with floods alone. The Thai premier also mentioned severe flooding in Asia and encouraged Asia Pacific countries to jointly protect clean water sources and to cope with disaster (Source).


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