Thai security apparatus holds talk on Thailand’s attitude towards South China Sea

The National Security Council (NSC) has organized a technical seminar on Thailand‘s stance and security towards the current situation in the South China Sea. Thailand has been appointed by ASEAN to act as the facilitator between China and ASEAN, where many ASEAN countries is in conflict with China over South China Sea Dispute. NSC Secretary General Lieutenant General Paradon Pattanatabutr presided over the opening of the seminar which is participated by experts in legal, international relations, and military fields. The seminar is conducted over rising concern on the South China Sea territorial disputes among the countries sharing the region that may compromise Thailand’s security.  Lieutenant General Paradon stated, Thailand needs to develop knowledge and understanding about the issue in order to maintain good relations between China and ASEAN member countries involved in the problem.  He said balancing the power between ASEAN and China is the key to success in approaching with the matter. The NSC Secretary General admitted that the territorial dispute shows worse signs, thus it is crucial to prepare measures to contain the situation. Lieutenant General Paradon said the NSC will later submit strategic plans compiled from the information gained from the seminar to the Prime Minister for consideration (Source).


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