Elite Establishment converge to throw mud on Chiang Mai’s Water Summit

A global level water management meeting is taking place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And the Elite  Establishment has exploded into activity. Thailand’s National anti-corruption commission today issue a statement today to the PM Yingluck Shinawatra government, that the commission was worried about the transparency of government’s US$10 billion water management plan. “There are weak points in the plan that can open the path to corruption,” said commissioner, Krarnarong Chantick. In saying that, the commissions issue a paper, on recommended stapes, for the government to follow, in solving the potential corruption problem. Hours after the commission statement, Democrat Party spokesman, says the party has news, that people close to the government have been buying land near water management program for profit. The commission, also, have come out to make the statement, out of the blue, as a global level water management meeting is being held in Thailand. Additionally, Thailand’s man in charge of water management, Prodprasob, is currently involved is a debate with Thailand’s well-known to be politicized NGO, over their protest plans, calling the NGOs rubbish. Most neutral political observer, says the whole package of activities, from the anti corruption unit, the Democrat Party and the NGOs activity, have all been expected, as they are part of the normal anti Democracy Elite Establishment that have been going after the Yingluck government. “The anti corruption unit is getting to be the same with the constitutional court, openly doing battle with the government. This latest move is to expand its power, in telling the government how to run Thailand,” said one observer. Another said of the NGO situation, “It is the usual people criticizing the Yingluck’s government on the NGO issue, pretending to forget that most NGOs here works for the Elite Establishment, with years of anti Thaksin and anti Yingluck track record.” (Source: Facebook)


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