Thai military spending fighting Deep South militant approaching US$7 billion mark

Matichon, a newspaper, reports, over the past 10 years since governments have been combating the deep South militants separatist, the total military spending  is close to US$7 billion mark, and about 12% of the past 10 year total military budget. Successive governments have tabled plans to massively pump in budget for economic developmental, but the target spending and development have never been met by any government. Some academic says poverty is a major factor of the problems in the Deep South, while other says it is decades of treating the Muslim majority in the deep South as second class citizens by the Bangkok centric Thailand. About 5,500 people have been killed since the separatist went active, most of that, civilians. Human Rights Watch just issued a letter a few days ago accusing the militants of “War Crimes” while the Yingluck government is struggling to keep a peace talk process going. Thailand’s intelligence apparatus, in charge of the peace process, said a few days ago, the violence has not lessened with the talks, as the militant is positioning itself. Some talk also appeared in the past few days, of more leniency by the governmental, for the captured and arrested militants (Source).


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