Abhisit holds snap press meeting, say to snap reform party, ahead of he says snap election

Former PM Abhisit Vechacheva, head of Democrat Party, today held a snap press conference, to announce that there is no riff in the party about re-forming the party, and said re-forming the party will be done, ahead of what he believes will be an election soon. Head of Democrat Party Central Region, Alongkorn Polaburta, spear-heading the party reform, who earlier made several Facebook post, blasting away at those in the party who rejected the reform plan, said there was no riff in the party. Alongkorn, earlier, said the party had lost every election in the past 20 years, because it was slow to react to changes and other party election campaign policy was more attractive to voters, and that the party has blame the failure on outside party factors instead, such as blaming the election failure on vote buying. Apart from Alongkorn’s reform plan there are a few other reform plans, drawn up and collection dust, from being rejected in the past that Abhisit now says will be considered also. The reform is to attract more party supporters. Most neutral political observer welcomes the party reform attempts, but said there is a question of philosophy, where the problem is similar to what where Alongkorn, said that the party is seen by Thais as not supporting democracy. Most neutral observer, said the most difficult challenge for the party reform, is in up-dating its basic philosophy, from far extreme right, to be attractive to modern voters, where in successive polls and research, says about 70% to 80% of Thais wants and support democracy, leaving only about 25% wanting some form of far extreme right dictatorship. Abhisit himself, seems to continue to reject, the move towards accepting Democracy, saying only days ago, quote: “The party philosophy must be maintained.” Earlier also, the party icon, Chuan Leekpai, rebuff Alongkorn, saying the party objective, should not be winning, as Alongkorn wants the reform to achieve, but the objective is to, quote: “Preserve out philosophy.” Most political analyst says, Anhisit is caught in a trap, as the long history of loosing elections, have meant the party had to rely on “Special Situation” to put it in power, and often that means being sub-service to the anti-Democracy Elite Establishment, in the hope that the Elite will put the party in power. Analyst says, but the strategy have meant a medium to long term deterioration of the party, in exchange for quick, short-term, unsustainable, gain of power, from being others proxy. Many cutting edge political analyst says, the Dems is not a party of the popular left or the influential right, but exists, to serve a few people who makes it to the top of the party. That sentiment, is reflected by an iconic Dems elder, Pichai Rattakul, who said the Dems is controlled by a gang of 3 to 4 young people  (Source).


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