HRW: Rebels Target Children – Insurgents Admit War Crime of Attacking Civilians

Human Rights Watch (HRW) Thailand researcher, Sunai, earlier, Twitter that the separatist militant violent campaign in Thailand’s Deep South was a Crime Against Humanity.” Now HRW says separatist insurgents in Thailand’s southern border provinces are committing war crimes by targeting children and other civilians, Human Rights Watch said today. The Thai government should address the cycle of deadly reprisals by investigating and prosecuting state security personnel implicated in abuses against ethnic Malay Muslims. On May 1, 2013, around 8:30 p.m., four insurgents opened fire with assault rifles at a group of villagers outside a grocery shop in Rusamilae sub-district, Muang district, in Pattani province. Two of the attackers then walked over to the victims and shot each of them point-blank in the head. More than 100 casings of M16, HK33, and AK-47 assault rifle bullets were found at the scene. A 2-year-old boy, Jakarin Hiangma, was killed along with his father and four other people. “Separatist insurgents showed monstrous brutality when they shot a toddler and others point-blank with assault rifles,” said Brad Adams, Asia director. “Separatist leaders should publicly condemn all attacks against civilians and take steps to make sure that attacks on civilians never happen again.” One day after the grocery shop shooting, leaflets signed by the Fatoni [Pattani] Fighter (also known as Pejuang Kemerdekaan Fatoni) insurgents in the loose network of Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) movement, were circulated in local mosques, markets, and teashops. The message urged more deliberate attacks on civilians: Fatoni Fighter brothers, we have avenged you. Four of us were killed. So we took back more [lives] in return. … Six dead bodies in Pattani is a lesson for the Siamese [Thais] to remember that we will kill them all. Children and women will not be spared. … We will do everything to make the Siamese accept our demands. The stepped up campaign of terror against civilians, including children, may reflect the insurgents’ opposition to a peace agreement signed by BRN elder Hassan Taib on February 28. Under pressure from the Thai and Malaysian governments, the agreements states that negotiations will take place on the basis of the Thai constitution, which means abandoning the armed struggle for independence (Source).


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