Governor Sukhumphan’s dilemma with un-wanted guests! Making visit the best & hurrying them away?

The Democrat Party‘s Bangkok governor, Sukhumphan Boripatra, has sent in several air-condition toilets, 10s of big water tanks for taking shower, and extra garbage service, to a group of about 200 to 300 Fascist protesters, camping out long-term, meters from the Grand Palace walls, Sanam Luang park. At the same time, Sukhumphan has asked the Fascist to leave soon. Like a good host to a party, that saw some un-wanted guest attend, Sukhumphan is rolling out the best, and hurrying the guest away. That is looking at the situation, from a positive side.  Sukhumphan critics says, it is the usual “Double Face and Double Tongue” typical of the Democrat Party. Sukhumphan has a problem. He is from a party that supports the Elite Establishment, of top echelons of Thais that feel they are above the law and that they can do no wrong. Yet Bangkok is getting to be an international city, with global norms and values are becoming what people expect. A sub-standard Governor with a developing country mind-set, increasingly, is just an embarrassment for everyone. Then apart from all of that, ASEAN AEC is fast approaching, and the major capital cities of ASEAN countries are competing, to be the best. A modern capital, filled with modern people, is the goal of ASEAN capitals. So the Bangkok Governor is trying to modernize and beautify Bangkok, like taking Bangkok on a greening drive and anything that looks like a third world country, gets a re-development. One of that was to spend US$ multi millions to re-develop Sanam Luang or the Royal Ground. The area, have come to define Thailand and Bangkok to the globe. In doing that, 100s of homeless were driven away from sleeping at Sanamm Luang, 100s of merchants were driven off, 10,000s of Pigeons were driven off, 100s of dogs were driven off, and in the end, the city said the Red Shirts can not hold anymore political gathering there. The final “Declaration of Rule of Law” for Sanam Luang, is that anyone who protested there, will be fined heavily and jailed heavily. Well, the latest, is that meters from the Grand Palace Walls, right across the street, at Sanam Luang, are 10s “Bras and Panties” hanging on ropes, in the open, from the Fascist protesters who have been camping at the park protesting and plan to stay there, months upon months more, until they got rig of PM Yingluck Shinawatra administration. Sukhumphan can not do a thing, as days earlier, the man behind the 2006 coup, the Fascist Extreme Right, Ultra Nationalist leader, a man Former PM Abhisit Vejacheva of the Democrat Party has to say thank you to for putting Abhisit in the PM seat, Prasong Soonsiri, just went to spend the afternoon with the protesters. Sukhumphan, really is in a fix!


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