Army of ants, low key & low level, corruption, by the city of Bangkok, gets away everyday

Several Thai investigative journalism websites are reporting on how the city of Bangkok, have spent US$ multi millions on 1,000s of garbage bins, that after calculation, have translated to 1,000s of garbage bins purchase, at about 10,000 baht each or US$300 each. The contracts to buy these US$300 each garbage bins, are separated  into numerous small purchase, extending years, like an army of ants. In the market place, even at top department store such as Central, there are no garbage bins selling near that price. An investigative journalism sites, Phranakorn Sarn, did further investigation, and trace the purchase of these US$300 each garbage bins, by the city of Bangkok, to a house registered to a person, with the last name, being the same as a former Democrat Party MP. The Bangkok Governor, Sukhum Boripatra, is from the Democrat Party. The question about the irregularity, involving the city of Bangkok workings, have often been raised in Thailand, by the Democrat Party’s political opposition. Over the years, several cases, of these types of low-key and low-level corruption, have been reported, with several petitioned to the anti-corruption unit. Most of the petitioned cases, disappear and never to be heard from again. For example, a few year back, there was a major stir, relating to how 1,000s of Bangkok’s city officials who patrol the streets, were involved in a systematic city hall wide, illegal kick-back scandal of demanding money from street hawks. That kick-back scandal have been know, to most people in Bangkok for years, to exists, but is mostly ignored. Ignored, because of the low-key and low-level nature of the irregularity, and also because, the press interest, in exposing the news, dies off quickly. In the end, nothing are done, on these type of low-key and low-level irregularities, like on the kick-back demand, even with these type of action by the army of ants, being lodge with the anti corruption unit, are mostly quickly forgotten.


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