Thaksin says a new constitution needed so Thailand can work as a “United Unit”

Former PM, Thaksin Shinawatra, ouster by the 2006 coup, have thrown in his opinion on Thailand’s constitution, saying like the medical science of “Functional Medicine” the best Constitutional for Thailand, needs to make the different parts, work together as a “United Unit.” Thaksin says, currently, under the current constitution, each piece of Thailand, functions, without much consideration of the other piece. He says the situation is like between the Central Bank, the Finance Ministry, the long-term planner, NESDB and such, going their difference ways. “In functional medicine, the doctor sees the body as a one complete system, and he would look at what part of the system that needs work on, to help the entire body function better,” says Thaksin. Thailand have erupted into a “Constitutional Crisis” as the constitutional court, have told parliament what it can and can not do in the process of making law, as related to the amendment of the constitution. The constitutional court have told law makers to explain themselves to the court. About 300 MPs and Senators, rejected the order and is moving forward with the amending the constitution. The current constitution, gives massive amount of un-check and non-transparent power to independent units, that is used mostly for political objective (Source: Thaksin’s Facebook).


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